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Arlyn Blaney

Real Estate Agent

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Our agent with more than 5 years providing advisory, mediation and management services in real estate transactions such as the sale and rental of properties.

Specialist in real estate marketing, new client acquisition, buyer-seller mediation, as well as document and contract management, among other specialties.

With excellent qualities and always ready to help, provide assistance and the best customer service, always sociable, friendly and accessible; willing to listen and understand the needs of customers, seeks to meet expectations to provide the best service, options and assistance.

Arlyn maintains excellent negotiation skills, demonstrating it daily by mediating between buyers, sellers, clients and owners until satisfactory agreements are reached for both parties.

Always up to date with the current real estate market, she can provide excellent help and guidance to achieve that owners can have in the best sector of the market, and achieve the rentals or sales they are looking to make with their properties, as well as helping clients find that property they are looking for within the possibilities and thus filling their expectations.

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