Phome Realty S.A. Has the pleasure of providing you with professional services of remodeling of apartments and repairs that are required inside the property. The same ones will have  perfect finishes, and materials of the best quality of Panama city, offering you the service you deserve.In addition to remodeling spaces in your apartment we also provide repairs and services in the following areas:

– Maintenance service of air conditioners
– Installation of Gypsum moldings.
– Painting works of the best quality in spaces that are required.
– Filtration in areas affected by humidity, rain or related situations.
– Professional plumbing services.
– Installation and repair of electrical wiring of the best quality.
– Maintenance service of appliances such as stoves, refrigerators, air conditioners, heaters, among others.
– Installation of appliances equipment.
– Repair of electrical appliances.
– Administration and supervision of the works.
– We offer the best prices within the market for quotes of materials, parts or jobs that are requested by owners or customers.

Our priority is to give you an ideal space where you feel comfortable, so we have developed this unique service that will allow you to remodel any space in a simple, fast and above all professional.

Discover with us how easy it is to transform your environment and enjoy the best moments in your home.

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