Our greatest strength is to have a team of committed professionals, who dedicate their knowledge, energy and experience to provide our customers the best and most personalized advice on legal matters.


Within our services, are a number of practice areas focused on making the lives of our customers easier. Our services offer the full range of law, from labor law to commercial law, including Intellectual Property, Real Estate and Tax Law. It is one of our goals that the client knows Panama from any context. Our mission is to provide education to our customers in every imaginable aspect of investment and legal services. Our mission is not only  to incorporate companies, but it is also to give our customers the assuredness and instrumentation, so that the investment is as profitable as possible.

Opening of Foundations

The interest on Private Foundations in Panama represents a different alternative to Panamanian corporations or companies, by allowing heritage protection aimed at non-commercial purposes, even as a mechanism of testamentary organization or as a holding company.

Panama Home Realty can help you in the process of opening bank accounts in reputable banks, helping you to prepare all the necessary documentation, such as requests for opening bank account, in drafting or obtaining the required legal documents, legalization of the Partnership Act and guiding you through the whole process.

Visas in Panama

With full knowledge and mastery of the Legal Immigration Regim and Visas of the Republic of Panama, Phome Realty, S.A. offers professional services for obtaining different kind of visas, such as Immigrants´ Visa, Temporary Visitors´ Visa, Tourist Pensioner Visa, Retired Pensioner Visa, Investors' Visa, and Special Visas, among others, being Panama a country with many offers for tourists or foreign immigrants residents in Panama.

Investment in Panama

In Panama, some economic sectors have gained great a prominent role, for which been created special laws have to promote national and international investments.

In addition, Panama is currently one of the main point of investment in the maritime sector, specifically in the ports and the development of road infrastructure, which added to the investments in the telecommunications sector, allow the flowering of services and investment in touristc and residencial projects (including those for housing for foreign retirees and pensioners), and even commercial and industrial projects, making the Republic of Panama into an attractive and safe destination for foreign investment.

Financial services

Mortgage Loans

Panama Home Realty offers our customers a team of highly qualified consultants with extensive experience in the mortgage and real estate industry. We have a wide range of financing options to meet the needs of our customers from consulting and personalized assistance to the formalization of credit. In addition, Panama Home Realty can help you find a mortgage that fits your lifestyle and needs, the right loan, mortgage rates explanations, discount points, and help you consider all your financing optionswith excellent advice when you need it. You can contact us, we will provide you with the information on each bank. Our professional advice and managing your credit opportunities at no cost.

Opening of bank accounts

The process of opening a bank account in Panama may take several weeks. However, rest assured that once the account is opened, operations and relations with the bank become smooth without major problems. Panama has more than 40 years with a major international banking center, making the process of opening a bank account in Panama a fundamental tool for the management of movements and transactions. Panama's banking system is considered one of the most stable in the world, being one of the most important in Latin America. It is one of the few countries that have remained stable since the global economic crisis the started, with positive numbers and growth rates. Although you do not need a lawyer to complete the process in Panama Home Realty we will help you choose the bank that best suits your needs and we will assist you as intermediaries during the opening process.

We provide advice and support as follows:

  • Analysis of its needs and interests.
  • Search and recommendation of banks that fit your needs.
  • Prior review of documents to ensure that the requirements set by the bank are met.
  • Preparation and submission of applications to the bank.
  • Assistance during bank interview.
  • Monitoring throughout the process of opening the account.
  • Assistant any concerns that could appear during the opening process.
  • We can represent you in communications that are necessary with the Bank.

Vehicle Loans

Panama Home Realty intends to guide our customers and provide them with the tools to enable better use and improve the quality of life. Credit, in the best possible conditions, may be the way to achieve your goals or can provide help in a difficult time or with an unplanned. Panama Home Realty offers in more detail the conditions and advice for applying for a car loan by banking institutions, such as: the payment term, rate, and let you know some aspects when opening basic contract credit and points that you should consider before buying a car. The current market offers many financing options that will come easily and quickly to your vehicle. Nevertheless, this investment should be supported by a well guided decision that not only include shape, model and performance; but also determine the best way to make the payment for the benefit of the customer.

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