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This includes:


We will make sure that your property is exposed via our social media, website and campaigns, whenever it is available for sale or rent.


Leave all comunication to us, from start to finish, so neither you or your tentans need to worry about who should you contact no matter the situation.


We will handle all payments whether it is monthly rent, AC maintenance or any other property related expense, and we will provide well-detailed financial report.

On top of that, our team of profesionals can handle most of the repairs such as plumbing, AC, electricity, flooring etc. and they are ready 24/7 in case of any emergency.

Professional services

Our property management team consists of many skilled professionals, who can handle many jobs such as apartment remodeling, AC maintenance, gypsum moldings, air filtration, plumbing, electrical wiring, instalation of appliances (electric or gas), cleaning etc...

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Carlos Rodriguez

Air Conditioner technician certified

Carlos is a specialist in installation, repair and creation of air conditioning systems, both residential, commercial and residential, his experience in refrigeration work is more than 20 years certified, dedicated to the commitment of excellent refrigeration in your home.

Jobs he can handle:

  • Installation, repair and creation of cooling system
  • Maintenance of air conditioners
  • Repair in leaks affected by humidity, rain or related situations
  • Installation of white line equipment (Stove, ovens, refrigerator, air conditioning, heater, among others.)

Luis Garcia


Luis has experience of more than 10 years in masonry, plumbling and painting certificate. He dedicate himself to this type of work also in recent years the continuous work in the different properties that Phome Realty manages has led him to other skills in many more areas of repair and remodeling of properties.

Jobs he can handle:

  • Quality painting in open and closed spaces
  • Gypsum Trim Installation
  • Installation of marble, ceramic, granite floors
  • Repair in leaks affected by humidity, rain or related situations
  • Installation of white line equipment

Hector Rodriguez

Certified electrical technician

Certified electrical technician with more than 5 years of experience in the management and installation of different electrical systems, panels, plates and all types of circuits. Hector is a responsible person, dedicated to his work, complying with all the requirements and standards of the Phome Realty team. 

Jobs he can handle:

  • Installation and repair of air conditioners central and split units
  • Installation and repair of wiring in all types of housing
  • Installation of industrial refrigeration systems
  • Installation of industrial filtering systems
  • Creation of electrical lines for all types of electrical appliances

Raul Bonilla

Plumber technician certified

With more than 20 years, used to carry out all kinds of tasks, from pipes, installations, and uninstallation of the fault detection and repair system. He is responsible for the maintenance and drainage of such systems for drinking water purposes, for the proper operation of drainage, heating and ventilation.

Jobs he can handle:

  • Diagnosis of what causes the leak
  • The repair of pipes used for the distribution and disposal of air, gas and water in residential systems or offices
  • Responsible for the maintenance and drainage of such systems for drinking water purposes, for the proper functioning of drainage, heating and ventilation.

Camilo Osorio


Camilo is a joyful character with experience of more than 4 years in general construction, plumbing and cleaning assistance. He as the youngest of our team have achieve a lot of knowledge from his coworkers and he continuous work in the different properties that Phome Realty manages.

Jobs he can handle:

  • Profesional cleaning service
  • Assistance in installation of marble, ceramic, granite and wood floors
  • Air conditioning maintenance service
  • Profesional painting indoors and outdoors

Walter Aricapa

Cleaning Services

He is a very responsible, organized and detailed guy when it comes to cleaning, with more than 8 years of experience. Always arriving at the agreed time, Alejandro meets all the requirements for which it collaborates with our company PHome Realty, S.A.

Jobs he can handle:

  • General and specific cleaning of apartments and houses
  • Organization of articles in the units
  • Order, control of the units
  • Cleaning of all types of materials and surfaces
  • Cleaning of floors, furniture and windows

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